Potok | Aleksandr Gudkov and the new music comedy

by Tair Polad-Zade, Phillip Zadorozhniy

Aleksandr Gudkov is not a simple man, it's an institution. He shocks the country with Loboda's music video "Boom Boom", writes provocative jokes for "Comment out" show, goes on the scene to sing with "SPBCH", accelerates the career of his friends in "Cream Soda", does commercials. starts flashmobs, and also sings and dances himself. The third film of the "Potok" series shows how Gudkov invents new music comedy and how he handles the whole genre just because no one else can.

Director: Tair Polad-Zade DP: Phillip Zadorozhniy Producer: Pavel Karykhalin Exwcutive producer: Anna Tafrova Idea: Aleksandr Gorbachev

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